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Parent Update: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dear Parents,

It is now redundant to say how challenging these times are. You know that.  Instead, my focus is on how we meet this challenge.  Our Core Value for July is Enthusiasm, which is related to the spiritual value of Joy – having a sense of passion and purpose that cannot be shaken, dampened, or taken away by worldly concerns.

I wake up every day and choose Joy.  This moment of challenge inspires me to work harder to find a way to serve and elevate our children above the limitations these times suggest.  My purpose is clear to me. That gives me Joy (passion, hope, excitement, renewal) – every day.  Our children need to see that in us. We can do this!  

Updates below:

FALL (Future Business)

Plan for Fall Opening – There is a lot to talk about.  Too much to put in a written message. Please click the link below for a video message about Genesis’ plans for the Fall. Keep in mind that it is a general outline and will not cover every question.  A more detailed discussion will be presented at our next Town Hall meeting later this month (details will be sent at a later date).

 Fall Re-Opening Survey – Please fill out the survey at the link below. The survey asks about preferences and needs for Fall Re-Opening. We are using the data from our earlier survey to help plan. However, we know things change. Please provide the latest, best information you can. WE NEED 100% PARTICIPATION to help us effectively plan.  THANK YOU.


The Great Start Page – The Great Start Page is a webpage dedicated to providing families all the relevant information they need to start the new year successfully.  Visit the page to access information on uniforms, summer reading, supplies, nutrition, etc.  The page will be updated on a regular basis.

Student Uniforms – The uniform page is live on our website.  What is not listed there is that one of our uniform vendors, French Toast, typically has major sales during this time of the year. A major sale was targeted for the week of July 13th. Given the ever-changing world, those dates could change, so please check the website regularly.

Parent Resource Page – Our home page has a link to “Parent Resources.” That page lists items and updates related to the current crisis (Co-VID information, support services, education resources for home use, etc.).  Once we begin school, that page will incorporate all parent information and resources, including the information on the Great Start page.

Supplies – Every year there is great anxiety about this. Let’s try not to feel that this year.  We will get a list out soon but keep in mind that a lot of our work will be done virtually (even for scholars who learn on-site).  It is easier to track, post, and grade virtual work.  That, plus the current circumstances, means we will try to minimize the amount of supplies needed to begin school this year. 

 CURRENT (Business)

Summer Reading – Summer Reading is posted on our website. Please make sure your scholar has the required reading and assignment instructions so they can begin.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) – If your family was eligible for free-reduced meals during this past school year, you may also be eligible for an EBT allocation of $256 for each child.  For more information, visit: https://dfcs.georgia.gov/pandemic-electronic-benefit-transfer

PAST (Old Business)

Lost and Found – Some scholar items may have been lost during the year and would not have been available for pick-up when we had “Item Pick-Up” days last month.  We will be scheduling a day and time when families can search the lost and found in late July, prior to the beginning of school. Details will be provided at a later date.

Awards Announcements – Dojo announcements were sent out a couple of weeks ago highlighting scholars for academic excellence this past year.  We will also highlight those scholars on our website and make that a tradition going forward.

Report Cards – This has been far more complicated and frustrating than anticipated. But remember, it is only difficult because the system was never set up to deal with optional grades for quarter 4 (which we promised we would count fairly).  We have received confirmation of a fix to make sure your scholar gets an accurate report card.  The representative from Power School should have a final version prepared before the end of the week.  Report cards should be ready to send out electronically early next week.

MAP Results – Given the virtual world we now live in, we have been working on an efficient way to virtually distribute MAP test results.  We received an update this evening from our Power School contact that MAP scores should be ready to go out electronically by the end of this week.


Gavin Samms, Ph.D.

Head of Schools

Genesis Innovation Academy



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