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Our main goal during these unusual times is the health and safety of our families. Even if we are able to eventually return to campus for in-person learning, we will continue to offer virtual instruction as an option for families throughout the 2020-2021 school year so you don't have to send your scholar back to school until you're ready.  
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Parent Resources


Student and Family Resources 

Device and Internet Access

We are still trying to make sure our families and scholars are connected. Please reach out to Ms. Jennifer Potter at if you have concerns or issues with devices or connectivity. Some important information is listed below:

  • Tech Survey – A survey was sent to parents to collect information on home technology. If you have not filled out the survey, the link is below:
    • Link:
  • X-Finity – If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, X-Finity is providing access to out-of-home hotspots.  Please search for one near you, if needed (
  • Comcast – If you are not connected, and would prefer an in-home connection, Comcast is offering two free months if you apply by June 30, and a low rate thereafter.  Please go to the site for details (




The following information may be helpful for parents who need access to meals, at no cost, for their children or for their entire family.

  • School District Websites – Most school districts serve meals during summer at select school sites as part of the state’s “Seamless Summer” program. Your scholar does not have to be enrolled in your local district to receive services. Please check the website for the district you reside in for more details
  • Text “FOODGA” – You can text “FOODGA” to 877877 from a mobile phone beginning June 1 and be provided geographically based results on the closest sites that serve meals to children (some may also serve adults/families)
  • Atlanta Food Bank – The site has a resource map ( to help families locate sites in their area that provide meals.
  • SNAP Nutrition Assistance –The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has changed the requirements for eligibility. The Atlanta Food Bank main site details information (
  • Grocery Support and Delivery –The Atlanta Survival Program delivers groceries for families in need:


Home Strategies

Yes, life is still challenging with children at home and no summer camps or parks. Below are some suggestions and resources to hopefully make it easier for you.


  • Goals - Try to make the summer meaningful. Coach your scholar on goal setting. This summer is a great opportunity for them to work no something: an academic subject, learning how to cook, reading to learn about something interesting to them, a sport, an instrument, exercising and getting healthy, etc. Write the vision down and make it plain. Put it on a wall and track progress.
  • Schedule/Routine – It is still important to create a regular daily routine for scholars (it helps them).  It does not have to be to the monitored to the minute but there should be plan. Schedule the time they are working on goals, but also play time, eating time, and bedtime.  Be flexible until you find out what works for you and them.
  • “Me Time” - Schedule some “Me” Time for Mom/Dad (you need it)
  • Family Time – Continue to view this time together as a blessing not a curse.  Keep trying to schedule that family time that used to get lost in the hustle and bustle of school and work. Go for a walk together, play a game, watch a movie. Schedule it!
  • Friend Time – We have all become experts at virtual meetings.  If you are not comfortable having your scholars connecting with friends in-person, create virtual meeting for them (some supervision is still required).
  • Health Focus – The CoVID crises has revealed how vulnerable many of us are due to underlying health conditions. If at all possible, use this time to focus on exercising, eating healthy, getting sleep, and drinking water.  Some people are now gardening to grow their own food.  That may be too much for some, but commit to making at least one major change. Work that change and then add another. It is time to make healthy a habit.



Life & Health Resources

The times in which we live are certainly creating financial, emotional, mental, and physical stress for many families. The resources below can help.

  • United Way – General help for families who have unmet needs:
  • Crisis Text Line – This is a counseling resource for a crisis. Just in case you need it:
  • Local Churches – If you are a member of a local church (and even if you are not) be sure to check in if you have a need. Many local churches are offering spiritual and mental health counseling, and connection to local resources.
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